3B/3B Home With Superb Backyard and Upgrades For Sale – Sakon Nakhon Thailand

3B/3B Home With Superb Backyard and Upgrades For Sale – Sakon Nakhon Thailand

On this video I convey you to see a three bed room/three bathtub home on the market with a tremendous backyard and upgrades. Simply two KM from the airport, Sakon Nakhon is fairly …

23 thoughts on “3B/3B Home With Superb Backyard and Upgrades For Sale – Sakon Nakhon Thailand

  1. Gorgeous garden area out side that house….with the fish and all the plants I would think the upkeep would be high. As long as you didn’t leave your home unattended for vacation. (Unless you would hire someone to house sit.)
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. Very nice house cheap compared. To living. Outside of Thailand / you would make a good. Sales Agent Lol. Lol
    Hope the new year started good for you both and continues throughout the year

  3. That is an awesome place. He did so much work on the gardens they look beautiful. I love the inside too the floors look amazing. The utilities are pretty cheap too.

  4. This is an outstanding house for that price. I don't like everything about it, but very good build quality. Great care has been taken with many parts of this house. Worth Every penny.

  5. Very nice home and that's looks so inviting. Joe you do a very good job of video visual affects, I always love watching your Youtube upload. Blessings

  6. That’s a lot of house for 2 people, I see why they’re selling it. It is beautiful and judging by the noise the birds are making they like it to. That guys gonna be near Chuck’s buddy Klaus when he moves.

  7. Internet, electric and water $67! 🤯. It’s easily $300 – $400 here in Southern California for that size of home. 🙌🏽

  8. Wow, that's a beautiful home. I love all the wood. Really nice indoors and out. Hard to believe it's only $173K. That's a world-class stuffy collection by the way! haha

  9. Hey Joe, Love your VLOG's. but, not your new intro , can you go back to the more mild intro?
    thanks pal! your channel, not mine and you do what you want, just a small request, thank you for your consideration. you are awesome dude!!

  10. ขายราคาเท่าไหร่คะบ้านหลังนี้พื่นที่เท่าไหร่

  11. another cool video..
    that guy is super cool for sure…ona side note….hats off to
    u joe!!! i know it has been hard for you to not invest in a property there…good to wait and keep seeing your options…i thought alot for you to buy that car but, i guess a house soon!! lol

  12. Interesting house. It's hard to comment fairly on the asking price without knowing what comparable properties are listed and selling for in the area. Prices are crazily inconsistent across Thailand so for folks looking to buy, especially right now in this buyer's market, it is worth comparing with other areas in the country to find the most bang for your buck.

    BTW, I love Prachuap Khiri Khan too. We (my wife) just snagged some land near the near the new Khan Kradai train station in Ao Noi. We're hoping to start shoveling some dirt to build a new house in March. I can't wait to get out of Bangkok!

  13. Beautiful stunning house at a great price. It is funny I would still choose your life and fishing village in PKK and walk the beaches.

  14. I love the new opening scene with Foreigner Joe in red , white , and Blue . I love the house with carved wooden doors . That garden is to die for also . The video showed of this house's best features . I wish I had the money to buy it . Joe take care and stay safe . GOD BLESS US ALL !!!

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