2021 Peterbilt 38' Renegade Traditional Motor Coach RV | IWS Gross sales

2021 Peterbilt 38' Renegade Traditional Motor Coach RV | IWS Gross sales

We’re honored to supply this IWS customized Renegade Motor Coach constructed on the business truck market’s trade main chassis – the Peterbilt 567!

24 thoughts on “2021 Peterbilt 38' Renegade Traditional Motor Coach RV | IWS Gross sales

  1. God will have one of these waiting for me when I get to heaven. Oh! He will have a Smith & Wesson 44 magnum in the pistol compartment for me too! Nice!

  2. Why have a generator and water heater when you have a truck engine? 🤔
    Most of the time battery will be used and generator only on emergency, the ISX can supply…, just put solar panels on top and remove those things, the truck will be lighter, cheaper and with better mileage.

  3. Leaf guard works. What dose not work sign up for for zero interest charges HA HA. I did time to pay it off. woos well fargo is charging me interest. called the company all they did was to pass me around and that is with no help.

  4. I am very interested in this Peterbuilt Motorhome. I am moving to Waco TX from Australia. For warranty or service, were and how, do I go. This TV in the video was it standard with everything in it?
    What other options are available?


    Max Carter

  5. My gosh, the only thing green about this unit are the trees and branches that get stuck in the mirrors and bumpers as you attempt to blaze a new road. I just don't get it. You can't boondock and get away from other campers with this, you will tear it up trying to squeeze it down some of the winding dirt roads. It is ridiculously high and oversized. Why so much wasted power? The 8kw Generator is great if you intend on supplying power to your small caravan of servants. Yes, you can put a Million miles on the engine but if you can afford the half million dollar price tag, chances are you'r just going to trade it in a few years anyways for something else to brag about. Many of the bridges we cross can't even support the weight of this unit. You buy something like this to go from one packed RV campground/resort to another while staying close to major highways and interstates. For the price, just charter a personal jet to a resort and save yourself the hassle of driving this thing.

  6. جميل جدا ، وكل خصائصه ملائمة انه حقا منزل منتنقل بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة

  7. I'm not currently looking but when I do I'll keep you in mind. Two words Peterbilt and there's a place to keep your gun next to the bed.

  8. I loved everything about it except that the wooden cabinets looked 20 years old in design. Are there optional interiors such that it can look like a luxury yacht stateroom or the interior of a Boeing 787 lounge? Something 2021 contemporary looking in design?

  9. Is the white basecoat, clearcoat, or just gelcoat? Gelcoat is almost impossible to keep looking nice over time. Are the all white coaches that popular? Or is that for people wanting to apply their own wraps or graphics? @IWS Sales

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