46 thoughts on “2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line: The perfect automobile nobody will purchase.

  1. Sad that I can't get this motor in the limited and I hate gray interior. Hate the push button transmission. Hate the removal of the tuning knob. Hate the gray interior love the way this car handles but I can't get my limited with above the 1.6Lturbo 180 horsepower which really sucks. Love my sonata limited at least had a 2.4 l. They should have installed the 2.5 l in the new Sonata Limited .

  2. I am currently driving a q50 and holy shit! Thats one beautiful car! Infiniti needs to step up or else Hyundai/Genesis is gonna eat them for breakfast. I'd drop my car for this if it had 300hp.

  3. Hi I was wondering of you could help me. I am looking at both the Sonta N and the Sonta limited. I love the tech in the limited but i am worried with a family it in the little engine may suffer ( no 360 camera view :(). I love the N but worry i miss the tech. Any advice? thanks for the great video.

  4. I dig it but not in mustard yellow. Would like to see it in Calypso Red with tinted windows. Also red seat belts would accent the red stitching.

  5. Hyundai: "Hey guys, I am thinking we are going to put this 2.5L turbo engine in a Sonata after we toss in this Turbo Elantra engine to F with everyone" Once our master plan reaches fruition we are going to slap an N-line label on it-boom bitches, now get in-line."

  6. "No one will buy?" I'm starting to see more of them on the streets in LA and they look great. I see that your title is misleading without facts and actual numbers. Your thinking is old old man. Get with the program.

  7. These car manufacturers really upset me, when they can't make comfortable arm rests. You're telling me that its 2021 and car manufacturers can't think about, using 10 cents of extra padding on the center arm rest and door panels!! I hate it! Also wtf is up with the narrow annoying hip room??!!

  8. I agree sooo much with this video… I want an interior that pops… I Love the camel interior on the limited because that's the only colorway that extends into the dash… Something like that camel, but in red & black would look crazy. I Seriously want to own this car… probably will get the limited and drive like the old man that I am. Lol.

  9. I disagree with the guages. No thanks on the analog ones. Time to move on and get with the program of being able to change them. THAT'S what's needed is just like a cell phone, people should be able to log in and UPDATE or apply themes to the gauges. Manufacturers could design and publish or even sell updates to them to keep the interiors a bit more fresh.

  10. I can’t say a negative thing about this car, the effort put into it and the brand. But myself I just can’t get over that hump. The name! Maybe one day

  11. Why buy the knockoff when you can buy the real one. Everyone knows that Hyundai does nothing but steal ideas all day long from Honda. It's like at all the car designs so obvious that it's a knockoff.

  12. Driving cars was enjoyable still in the 80s and early 90s till SUVs started ruining visibility on the road 🛣️ I still drive a car but I hate it you can't relax at all. Car drivers have no forward viewing down the roads the SUVs are walls 🧱 blocking the vision of what's going on ahead. You totally have to rely on their brake lights not knowing if there's a heavy stop medium stop or road conditions ahead are dangerous all you see is there a rear end brake lights. I remember in the 80s when you could see a block down the road and actually foresee an accident way before you got to it see through all the other car drivers windshields. All gone with SUVs driving cars suck that why cars are fading away…

  13. Do Not Buy A Hyundai Sonata. Awful tacky vehicle, terrible in the snow, has a tech package that that presents challenges to understand. The navigation struggles to recognize any address verbally requested. Hyundai has awful customer service, long hold times, they repeat personal verification questions. There are many better options than the Hyundai Sonata, if anyone wishes to take up a 36 month lease, with just 1100 miles so far, I have one. The Hyundai Sonata motor car and the Hyundai Buying experience ARE EQUALLY TERRIBLE.

  14. Hyundai has reached the point of giving the competition a good fight the problem the name Hyundai is what getting them beat up in this fight

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