49 thoughts on “2021 Acura TLX Overview // Don’t Purchase That Mercedes, But.

  1. I love these guys opinions… every thing the internet says these guys repeat… lol … I don't know they actually dont understand any of the geometry of any of the cars they drive

  2. The TLX is supposed to slightly take the place of the RLX. It is supposed to be the flagship the RL was. So in a sense it is supposed to have the feeling of the 2009-2012 RL. You should test them versus one another

  3. Great review. Can we get that Giulia TI Sport review soon? Even just on extra TH or insta? I feel you guys would love it (or do love it given all the references to it in this video)

  4. Thom, James, this car sucks. 🙄
    I got this as a loaner after bringing in my 2k TL for service. 😏
    The transmission is choppy, the engine is constantly hunting for the right gear and the dashboard and center console are sooooo busy, my eyes never got used to it and were constantly searching for buttons.
    For the money, I bet the Genesis G70 is a better buy. 🙂

  5. Acura should've just have used the full LCD screen for the dash screen, just like the new 2021 acura mdx, old analog gauges are just so very outdated

  6. this is not an accord! stop saying that! it has a completely different chassis, structure, technology etc…. they only share engines and powertrain. That does NOT make them the same car.

  7. You guys sitting on the couch talking makes me think that you guys need a third person like “Captain Slow” and you are ready for a TV show. Could be the next TOP GEAR!!!

  8. The real question : why is this car considered a compact sedan and compared to the 3-series and C-class? It's freaking 194" long!

  9. @12:52…don't know what you listened to in regard to music file format, but it was probably something compressed to one degree or other, and even these really sound very good on the ELS system. BUT, you should hear recordings with an UNcompressed (or lossless) format…all the difference in the world!

  10. @10:30…I am 83 years young, have had an RDX for a year (was only 82 when I got it) and have had absolutely NO problem adapting, orienting to and using the touchpad system; I think it is great when compared to some of the nightmares offered by other brands…and I am certainly NO techno nerd! @12:40, why don't you mention the outrageously higher prices of the Euro brands? As an ongoing curiosity I have done cost comparos thru a couple decades; same equipped Euros (IF they even offer the same options) with Acura prices. I guess it just means something status-wise to let folks see you with the spinning propeller, the sexy Italian name or the three-pronged boxes of …. Oh, did I mention reliability, customer service, re-sale value? Maybe it's my age, but I can surely find a hell of a lot go give up for 12 to 15 grand!

  11. What do you mean don't buy That Mercedes "YET "Smart people BUY Acura or Lexus. If you want a Mercedes, you LEASE it or loose everything on repair bills!!!!

  12. Something I don't understand why every car reviewer, when reviewing new cars, acts like reliability isn't a thing. I know that it's hard to judge with new cars, since they haven't been around long, but the company's reputation is a pretty solid indicator of how reliable it will be.

  13. The engine and transmission are reliable , great chassis, great speakers. Not as sporty as the 3.5 and 3.7 V6 engine (~300hp) but really can't complain. If you want power, wait for the V6 turbo Type S

  14. I would also argue that it is more reliable than some thing than a 3 series or Giulia. My daily 2014 Acura is at 80k miles with no electronic or mechanical. While my 2017 M240i has a check engine light on and a few (super minor) electronic issues at 22k.

  15. Dude those new sonatas look so ugly from the side the only good looking part of the car is the front and somewhat the rear it's a hit or miss but those rims are hideous the accord definitely looked like the best buy out of all 3

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