35 thoughts on “2020 iPad Air vs iPad Professional – Which Ought to YOU Purchase?

  1. Even though the iPad Air is still a great tablet, I still would buy the iPad Pro. Here is the reason why.

    1. There are 2 size options, 11” and 12.9” (I have the 12.9” iPad Pro because I feel like 11” is a little tiny. The iPad Air is 10.9”.)

    2. You have the option to buy the Full size Magic Keyboard (You have to buy the 12.9” if you want the full size Magic Keyboard. If you get the 11” iPad Pro, it is the same as the iPad Air.)

    3. Has the 4K 120Hz ProMotion display (iPad Air has a regular 4K 60Hz display.)

    4. Better response time with Apple Pencil (and bigger canvas screen if you get the 12.9”.)

    5. You have a lot of Storage Options. 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB (iPad Air only has 64GB and 256GB.)

    I would go with the iPad Pro. The main reason is I like the iPad Pro is that there is a 12.9 model. I feel like 11” or 10.9” is too small. But I also like that you have a better display res and better drawing experience.

    So in the end the choice is yours but I would recommend the iPad Pro.

  2. Don’t buy any of the two.
    Just a month and a half ago I bought my 2020 iPad Pro. It came off the box with a scratch on the back and some black spots on it. Apple sent me to a service provider. The provider after 15 days denied fixing it because it’s “cosmetic” and Apple doesn’t let them fix it for me. After that I contacted apple again. They said I need to wait for approval from their mechanics for a replacement. They texted me two days later that they accept it. Three days later and the fedex didn’t take it yet. I called apple, they said they don’t know. FedEx called me after that and they said apple just called them and they will take it 5 days later because it’s too late to come in this day to take it and then they don’t work on weekends and it was January 1 that they don’t work too. They took it on Monday. Three days later I had no news. I called apple they said it’s a problem of the delivery being slow. I called the delivery they said it’s apple that chose the economy shipping that will take 13 days to reach to apple and then they will take another 13 days I guess to send me another one after they take one or two days in between for their people to check if I really sent the iPad or I sent them a empty box because this is why they don’t ship a new iPad to me before they receive the old one. Then I called them and said why your company is so cheap and make me wait another month it’s like you do it on purpose and you want me to keep the damaged one, you could charge me the delivery fee and pay a faster one, they replied “so you want to keep the old one sir?” . DISGUSTING COMPANY.
    Never buying anything from them again and I’ll also be taking legal action against them

  3. I have had my hands on both and I love the ipad air… hence picked the air 256gb up and I am pretty happy with the performance and what it delivers for the price. Not missing the pro with those "PRO" features – which honestly, to me and all the others will not be a huge deal. M using it extensively for music production, sketching, photo editing, note taking, media consumption, browsing, binging, gaming,loads and loads of reading and Microsoft office …
    And this device delivers all of this without breaking a sweat. Its smooth, fast and precise. A perfect future proof device.

  4. I got the air for Christmas. It’s similar to my old one in size, but the power button on the left is obstructed depending what case you have. Also
    It doesn’t have the same recharging plug and is not compatible with the iPhone so now you need to have 2 different plugs.

  5. I got the ipad air, should i have gotten the pro? I dont film much or take pics, i mostly play games and write and do school with it

  6. I don't agree with all of you saying i pad air because it is trash go with the i pad pro 2020 it is the best

  7. I am very tempted with the air do start with doing digital drawings. Was tempted with the pro though except for some probably minor latancy issues I think the air is good enough. I am just wondering if something like the Samsung or other would be a good option too?

  8. There’s no reason today that any tablet should come with only 64gb of storage. Unless the company selling it knows that and then ups the purchase price by only offering 256gb instead of 128gb! 😉 Almost toi obvious Apple. If I was in the market for an iPad, I’d try to wait for the new chip. Otherwise if I absolutely needed one now, the 128gb iPad Pro is the choice.

  9. I was going to get the Air… but took a look at the prices, and decided to buy the ipad pro 11 258gb… it was availoable during the black friday week for $799… so $50 more for pro jup was worth it for me.

  10. A question: when using the pen and your finger hits the screen while writing using the pen, will it displays the finger interaction too? i had this problem on my laptop and it is irritating?

  11. I’m kinda new to this iPad stuff ! But I need one mostly for notes & lots of storage space for school ! What do you recommend?? Air or pro

  12. My friend is fan of big screen and fast functioning machine like iPad, she is professor, she want to buy iPad for video presentation, online class and definite features of camera quality with store. Please suggest, pro, air or Mac book pro

  13. Your wrong, that’s why it’s called Pro, it means it’s the best money can buy. But in the ends it depends on your personal preference coz every one has different opinions and needs.

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