33 thoughts on “2003 Mercury Marauder 34okay Miles For Sale by Davis AutoSports

  1. I have the 2011 Lincoln Town Car Signature L, its the longer one with more room for backseat passengers. Last year of the Panther Platform, black on black, all original, and i will never sell it. Wow, what a car

  2. I have 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis. It runs well and I love to hear it start up. One day I would live to own a Marauder like this one. Very nice.

  3. it doesnt accelerate extremely fast… it is a 15 second car in the quarter.. not more…not less it is ok. not big deal either..

  4. hope whoever bought it keeps it original…however, most buyers mess them up with add on crap!…anyway, just means that smart buyers that keep them original reap the benefits and "respect"

  5. Funny thing is this cars got outrun by the V6 Honda Accord coupes of the same era. Good looking, clean sleeper kind of car, but they were cursed with that junk 4.6l v8.

  6. instead of killing off the panther platform they could orf dropped in a the 5.0 or 6.2 with a 6 speed auto or manual and bam!! people would line up for it

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