49 thoughts on “2 Extra of my Automobiles are for Sale :(

  1. TJ: buys nothing but super cars. Becomes the new DDE.
    Also TJ: sells his lambo to someone else and still says its his car…. pushes the sale. 😐 lol

  2. Well it´s an italian car so its the Huracan not the Uracan. And It´s Posche not Porsch. Germans don´t call Chevy a Schefrolet either

  3. TJ, go to the Lamborghini channel and watch their unveiling of the Huracán STO… They 100% pronounce the H please stop this BS 😂

  4. First time I ever drove R8 around a track was hooked it’s now on list to own. Yeah I would’ve kept that over lambo 🤷‍♂️

  5. Lame dude, all the hype for you to sell both of these. Was expecting a super build like the 458 and then sell them. It was built up to be like that on the channel. Lame

  6. If you said just kiddddi g on more time I was literally about to unsubscribe to your channel

    “Jussssssst kidddddinnng” 😅

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