21 thoughts on “1970 Dodge Coronet Tremendous Bee on the market at Volo Auto Museum (V19378)

  1. Nice car, but 58k too much for a tribute. It is well done though.
    I see real super bees going for 40,50k.
    I watch Mecum all the time.
    All I like is 60's,70's muscle.

  2. So there l was thinking to myself , a Dodge Super bee ? I know of the Plymouth but never heard of this one. This is why l subscribe ….every days a school day ! Well l do live over the pond , that's my excuse ! Thanks Jay. The colours they chose in the late '60's early '70's , far out man ! You would never choose this colour today but it's period correct . Some one pointed out it was an AC car . How do they know that ? Thanks Jay.

  3. Absolutely stunning, and the perfect color for this car. The pricing seems fair as well …. esp for the car offered. Great presentation, and once again, hiding nothing!! Well done, and thank you!

  4. @5:34 the only thing missing to make it an authentic 70' is a "suicide knob" on the wheel. Other than that, this car is nicer than 99.9% of them after a year of age in 71'.

  5. Fine specimen Jay, 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee.
    A work of art, a real gem and true motor city madness~

  6. Awsome superbee from the batcave green as and angry hornet and it stings love it thanks Jay grams for these wonderfull cars always USA motors

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