20 thoughts on “1967 Chevy Chevelle REAL SS For Sale

  1. What IS original about this car is probably the frame … everything else has been swapped out or amended. Wheels are wrong, engine is wrong, radiator is wrong, interior door handles are installed wrong, paint color is wrong, insignia is wrong, air cleaner is wrong and man oh man I hated those bumperettes! It's still pretty but I get a strong idea it's a clone.

  2. So. . Its NOT the real deal ! 454 in a 427 car . . Ya know any one can buy 427 emblems . . I dont think it's the correct color either . . Wrong wheels . . What else ? Nice looking car but you shouldn't advertise a clone for the real deal ! 396 or 427 etc .

  3. Here's the problem I have with these cars you can get everything for them including the blinker tachometer the console whatever you need for them people are asking stupid money for these cars

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