12 thoughts on “1955 Ford Crown Victoria Skyliner on the market at Volo Auto Museum (V19314)

  1. Hi Jay. Definitely not on my radar , l don't think l've ever seen one . That acrylic roof ? It's amazing ! And l guess it's a substantial roll bar directly behind . To have this on a car available to the public 65years ago and the Korean War had only just ended it's breathtaking! Where you get one made today heaven knows but this is where the American vintage car industry is at it's very best. ( Although it could have been an aircraft canopy specialist ) . For me the knockout design feature on this Skyliner is the right hand courtesy light . Who had the presence of mind to think of that ! What did we have in the UK ? Ford Zepher Six Mk 1 ! Thanks Jay.

  2. Shes Eleanor 1955 gone in 60 seconds wow cant take My eyes away from this gourgeus beautiful stunning ford 😎 cool car awsome wonderfull car from the batcave do you keep this thanks Jay grams 🤩 USA 😎 ☀️ 💎 USA

  3. Absolutely beautiful 55 Crown Vic!! I sure do "Remember When"! As a youngster, watching the awesome cars going up and down the road!!! What nostalgia this one brings!! The finish, gaps and detailing of this car is amazing! Another great representation of painstaking effort to bring another piece of automotive history back. Priced very reasonably too, considering what's gone into it! Well presented, just as every Volo car always is. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. In 1982, one of the guys showed up at the house with a restored Skyliner, was Turquoise and white. He had paid $3000 Cad for it. How times have changed. His wheels were nicer than those horrible wheels though, if I remember correctly.

  5. Jay, I have to say that this Skyliner is a piece of automotive architecture
    to the definition;
    ' the complex or carefully designed structure of something! '
    One can only imagine the time and intuition put into getting the finished product.
    Designers like those that contributed to the 55 Crown Victoria Skyliner are a thing of the past.
    Damn ….. that car is MAJESTIC ~
    ( I love the tall gas pedal, the mag wheels and dual exhaust )

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