26 thoughts on “$1500 ETHEREUM HIGH IS HERE | Now’s the time to purchase extra crypto…

  1. 🚨 Let's get this video to 15678 likes! 
    Be Careful! People are pretending to be me in the comments, my comments will always be have a checkmark next to my name!!

  2. Almost 1.2T now, up and up. As long as more money stays in than goes out it will continue to surge ahead OVER ALL. DONT PANIC SELL!!

  3. Instead of Chart technical video on Ether. I would like to see an analysis’s on how the High Gas fees COIL:D IMPACT the Price of Ethereum.

  4. Hey Sheldon. Could you please give tips or make a video on a strategy to collect the profits… I am not doing any trades, I am just buying some coins and let them ride, but then I see the money that I invested in the coins are growing, I don't exactly know what to do. Should I take out profits from eth/btc and transfer to alt coins (should I do that when I have couple of bucks extra or wait for 2x/3x…) or should I do the reverse or should I just sell them?? Would love your input. Thanks!

  5. Please do a video on how not fall for scams (for example rug pools) on uniswap when investing into new tokens. Maybe you could show us your research routine on how you make sure you don't fall for scams:)

  6. As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different stream of income, one needs to have a diversified portfolio in order to survive

  7. Awesome video! Loved the BTC to ETH call a few months back, I followed along! Just out of curiosity, why go back to BTC when ETH hits 2.5k? Do you see BTCs 300k as more likely than ETHs 30k?

  8. Which exchange is the best in the USA? I can't find a definitive answer for one with low fees (for DCA) and a large selection of altcoins.

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