12 THINGS I OWN AND BUY as an Excessive Minimalist

12 THINGS I OWN AND BUY as an Excessive Minimalist

12 THINGS I OWN AND BUY AS AN EXTREME MINIMALIST | At present I’m sharing the issues I personal whereas residing an excessive minimalist way of life. Get insights on conscious consumption and methods to store like a minimalist.



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• Linen garments:
• Linen bandana:
• Plastic-free vegan skincare:
• Shampoo bar & cleaning soap:
• Vegan dietary supplements:
• Kindle eBook:
• Bamboo toothbrush:
• Toothpowder:
• Reusable water bottle:
• Yoga mat:
• 40L backpack:
• PAKT backpack:
• Wood laptop computer cowl:
• Scrubba wash bag:
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27 thoughts on “12 THINGS I OWN AND BUY as an Excessive Minimalist

  1. just started watching your videos and subscribed! 💜 have you considered a reusable notebook? i love mine! i wish this was available when i was in school/ college! i would reuse paper to where there were no more white space.

  2. I don’t like tissue paper therefore I use handkerchiefs all the time. The fine cotton ones are the best, so gentle for skin and dry really fast.

  3. Definitely… I had some clothing, which has been totally uncomfortable… and the more and more I knew about my needs I even exchanged working things to better working things, like eg. more comfortable clothes (even though mostly second hand)

  4. Hello… i love watching your videos.. so interesting and inspiring…

    Btw, would you mind sharing'bout bra? What kind you are wearing?

  5. A tip about wearing a backpack. You are supposed to carry the weight on your hips, so the lower strap should be tight around your hips, not around the waist. And the shoulder straps should rest, not hang, on the shoulders. Happy hiking. 🙂

  6. Your voice sounds so soothing to my ears. I'm also in the process of minimalism. Getting rid of the stuffs I don't need. Thank you for inspiring us, my friend 🙏 You have earned a subscriber.

  7. While I understand that a bamboo toothbrush is a better option than a plastic one, I still find it wasteful to have to "throw" away the brush every so often. I am interested in knowing if there is an option to buy a sturdier bamboo handle with replaceable brushes.

  8. Peace and love to you. I was wondering if you can do an update on Coronavirus precautions and how you stay sanitized. I work as a nurse and am terrified of bringing home germs or the virus to my loved ones. Can you offer any tips on keeping minimalism in mind when it comes to safe sanitizing? Thank you and enjoy your videos greatly 🌱 ❤️ ✌️

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