10 Worst Instruments to purchase at House Depot! (2020)

10 Worst Instruments to purchase at House Depot! (2020)

10 Worst Instruments to purchase at House Depot! (2020)
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32 thoughts on “10 Worst Instruments to purchase at House Depot! (2020)

  1. Yo Bear. Found you by accident and like your take on things. That said my tool pref has been the Ryobi 18+ line of products because if its nonchanging battery platform. I picked up an older dark green jigsaw at a garage sale and tested it with a modern battery pack and it ran fine. I have a few Dewalts battery driven products that I've been given and by far the biggest complaint is their older packs will not hold a charge. Nicad I think. The tools are ok, but having to shell out for a different batt platform to replace it gets expensive. Now I see most major brands changing their platforms for their 20v or 40v application and all are square and flat. Ryobi has a few lines, but their bread and butter types gave remained unchanged for years as the older jigsaw proves. I tend to agree with your unimplied assessment that bigger and pricier does not equate to better. Thanks for your channel.

  2. Why no speed braces in socket sets any more? Most people have electric impact drivers however a speed brace needs no power and is always ready and is still a useful tool.

  3. why doesn't anyone ever talk about Rockwell great tools, reasonably priced. FREE LIFETIME BATTERIES., just pay shipping. About $7

  4. I will only buy Milwaukee Fuel tools, everything else in Milwaukee's line is terrible. Agree, over hyped and overpriced, just like the low end DeWalt. The Milwaukee RO Cordless sander eats batteries also but sanding stair handrails was so much easier than a corded sander with an extension cord. I was sure you would rag on the Milwaukee M12 Hackzall, I have the fuel version, works very well for plumbing, much easier to use when working in crawlspaces or even basements than my M18 Sawzall. Milwaukee makes these as specialty tools, not to replace a Sawzall. The M18 Fuel Hackzall is still lighter and easier to handle than my Sawzall, my petite wife uses hers for heavy shrub and limb trimming.

  5. Disappointed we didnt see the chrome husky 12 inch adjustable wrench on here. That adjustable wrench is better used as a hammer because all it does is round off bolts/nuts 🤣

  6. You can't compare one sale price and one retail price. It doesn't work that way you can't say something is overpriced and compare it to something at a sale price. You can't have both. One or the other. Talking about the Milwaukee impact driver M18, and comparing it with the brushless. But you are comparing the M18 at retail to the M18 brushless on sale. Sorry buddy, but that's basically the standard textbook definition of propaganda.

  7. In addition, that gearwrench set isn't even available at Home Depot stores, and is no longer even available online. Keyword for you research research research. You can't tell somebody you suggest them to buy something that doesn't exist. Unfortunately with social media obviously you can

  8. Home Depot does not sell a gear wrench set for $40. The gearwrench ratcheting wrench set 20 piece that you're talking about is on sale, price drop for $80. Do you research before you do this stuff? I mean if prices are too high you know it, and you research it, because I remember your post on Harbor Freight and when they had their mess up. But a 20 piece gearwrench set for $40 sounds like something's not right doesn't it? Especially since gearwrench is a pretty expensive company. You didn't look to see that maybe that was just one specific store that had a couple of those left on clearance huh? That this was not something you can get on a normal basis? No they were probably three people that got that because it was one store that had a few left over. That's specific wrench set is $79 not 30 or 40 or whatever you said. This is the problem these days, social media gives everybody a chance to have a voice with no journalistic experience. It gives people the ability to just say something even if it isn't true without regulations such as the FCC Etc.

  9. Great useful video. 👍 One small correction for the Bear: Grizzly is not “online only.” As a western Washington resident, I have shopped in their Bellingham store.

  10. They don't even sell that Crescent mechanic's it in homedepot. You would have to buy that from their website. So nobody would just buy it just because it's sitting there. If you have to go to the website to get it, then you probably where specifically seeking it out. I didn't even watch the rest of this. Because in typical fashion I don't really care for most of your videos, and then when I correct you on things or add something in if you don't like it you just delete the whole post.

  11. I use Do-It Center a lot. More like Ace than a big box and my home store River Ridge Hdwr in Spokane is great. Rentals, advise, tool loans – yes some free, and lot of small and old house parts. BUT their house branded hand tools are a noxgo

  12. I got a set of Gearwrench ratcheting "tilt" combination wrench set years ago to save me from tight spots while working on my car. Saved myself countless times as I can just put them into almost any angle in practically inaccessible areas to most sockets and combination wrenches. Get it.

  13. @TheDenOfTools I was already in the Porter Cable system from before Craftsman showed up at SBD. At your advice I was looking for what my next battery platform not committing on anything yet, when I walked into my local Lowe’s for some lumber and they had all of their Porter Cable tools on clearance all $40 or below. So, already owning batteries and chargers I filled out my set. So, when they die I will change battery platforms. Leaning Makita for the type of wood working I want to do. Thoughts?

  14. I don't buy Milwaukee because they are premium price and mid range quality. Been there, done that. I buy DeWalt, nearly always with a sale or some sort of special pricing/promo, never at full retail. I have yet to disappointed.

  15. Want a CHEAP Cordless Sander that doesn't go through a bunch of batteries , — a block of wood & a sheet of sandpaper ! Lol .

  16. The milwaukee m12 hacksaw fuel also comes with a much larger battery. Do a lowes video of what you buy, that'd be good to go along with the home depot one

  17. I have bought 3 in 3 years, nothing but issues since they started out souring to Mexico. I may use it 2-3 times a month at no more than 2 minutes at a time.

  18. I actually dislike the reversible ratcheting combo wrenches. It's just more to go wrong with what tends to be an already delicate tool.

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