29 thoughts on “10 THINGS I'M NOT BUYING IN 2021 | minimalism + low purchase yr

  1. As a long-time subscriber and a wannabe minimalist, it's always so nice to come back to your videos and try to remind myself on trying to obtain less. I've absorbed so much minimalism content over the past 3 years or so but I am so so far from where I dream to be. I just look forward to seeing you continue to develop your channel and content and hopefully I will get to where I want to be one day.

  2. Good stuff as par usual. The mid toned clothing works well as they are always harmonious with many other items of clothing.

  3. I love living with a best self philosophy! This is especially prevalent in my clothing choices bc I really like getting dressed. This past year, I started trying to wear my best clothes all the time since we were in quarantine and I hate staying in my pjs all day XD I've loved doing this! I always feel put together and ready for the day 🙂 For me, it's really been a mood and confidence booster!

  4. I like the idea of wearing your best clothes. I tend to wear to clothes I don‘t really like anymore alot because I want them to wear a
    out so I have an excuse to get rid of them 🙈. I‘m sure I‘m not the only one. Maybe I should reflect on it in a video.

  5. You said you were going to put more work into the quality of your videos and you really meant it. Was blown away by the sophistication of this one. So inspiring. Thank you.

  6. I had a go at more or less wearing my best outfits (it's a bit chilly here and I'm still working on my wardrobe pieces- but at a slower more thoughtful way) and it felt good to just wear some of the pieces even without making excuses- typical being that's too nice I must save it for a special occasion. No! it's lovely to just wear something because I like it, so thanks Patricia 🙂

  7. Hi ! I have started the challenge last week and am still on it. It helped me identify some gaps in my wardrobe. But I was also a bit tired at the end of the week of wearing the same thing over again, and I was also tired of always being well dressed, and I felt like I needed some time out the challenge just wearing sweatpants you know ? I don't know if it was because I was used to wearing lounge wear often, or if I missed an aspect of the challenge…

  8. Greetings from Pretoria, South Africa!

    Lol! Scary closure!! 😅

    I see I am not the only one having serious conversarions with my pets (dogs), and they always listen!!

    I am not a minimalist at all, but I have followed you for the past year and have been thinking a lot you have been saying. I now try to focus on being at the present, not to buy something I don't really need and do get rid of the things I don't want nor even need. And all of it gets re-used by someone else that needs it/likes it.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas! I find them inspirational and valuable.

  9. I really appreciate you mentioning that it took you a really long time to create your wardrobe and style, and that it's your job to do this. I've been minimizing my wardrobe for 2+ years now, and even after starting your course, it's going to take me SO long to cut it down and figure out what I actually like or not. The reminder that it's a process and takes a lot of focus and time is really helpful!!!

  10. We definitely need to form another community of "minimalist cat whispers," as cats prefer the simple life I believe. We can learn alot by observing THEIR very intentional behavior! (& Gary is such an awesome example..give him a bed, a cuddle & whisper sweet nothings into his ear, & he's content! ( seriously!…maybe.)🤣 Anyway, Love u Patricia & Love A.S.W.! U rock!!!!

  11. Beware that when you touch a feather there is microscopic bugs on there so make sure you wash your hands seriously I kid you not that's why I don't pick up feathers anymore and if I do want them I make sure I wash them and the tip in boiling water and if you want to change the colour of a Feather just dip it in food colouring food grade food colouring

  12. I will buy leather shoes for leather boots because not all leather is from animals that have been tortured or killed for their material I know people up north in Alaska they have to eat and they hunt for everything and use it for closing food you name it so I don't mind using leather

  13. Do you buy polyester if so not a good choice. My doctor told me that when he has people coming in from a car accident it's the ones who wear polyester that end up with third-degree Burns but the people who are with cotton material or silk do not have that problem I hate polyester. I'd rather go to a second hand store and pick up something that's 100% cotton then to wear polyester another environment polluter

  14. I would rather use Wooden matches which will not ruin the environment the lighter is plastic and the fuel is contributing to the problems with pollution.
    If you don't like wooden matches you see ones that are made from paper

  15. Pretty kitty oh by the way did you check to see if the wicks and those candles are lead-free most candles from China or Japan or wherever are full of lead make sure it says lead-free

  16. From watching your channel, I have started a wartime transition that has turned my most comfortable clothes into my best clothes, so it’s not too difficult to wear my best each day. Still lots of work to do to get to where I want to be, but at this point in my life, I still want/need to hold onto certain things that I don’t necessarily feel I need everyday (for college and such). But I have gotten rid of so many things that didn’t add value to my life, which has been an emotional journey that all started here. Thank you <33 I will continue to draw inspiration from you.

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