38 thoughts on “10 Nice PSN Vacation Sale Offers UNDER $10! – SUPER CHEAP PS4 Video games!

  1. Will have to check out MGS V. I haven’t played the series since the PS1. I did pick up Fist of the NorthStar. I hope it’s not a letdown.

  2. you guys might want to pick up crash bandicoot 4. its only $30 and people are saying its good and it also didnt sell the best and its the first main crash game in a long time. id pick it up. good xmas game too.

  3. The handicap for Dogma was not being able to find any quests. & they did not fix that in the remaster & the graphics were still garbage. I've bought that game twice hoping it got better & I still want all my money & time back. Also Shadow Warrior 2 is not well made; the physics are all wrong, nothing feels like it has impact, body parts float around & it feels like your character is floating not walking…it's cheap & it feels cheap.

  4. Really like POE2. One of the best rpg games in my opinion. The only thing made me feel unsatisfied is the main story final boss fight. But all the other bosses and missions, as well as dlc, just incredibly good.

    i have 20$ TO SPEND which gives me two options: 1-buy Borderlands3 OR any other 20$ game 2- buy two of following games pillars of eternity , Bioshock collection , Borderlands handsome collection , Dragon'sDogma

    I REALLY need your help because i can't decide ( i love RPGs and games with good story)

  6. Two games he did not mention that I Highly Recommend that are on Sale right now are Celeste and Gris. Two Fantastic games that deal with emotion and are Visually Stunning. There both around $6.50. Must Play!!!

  7. Also a mention on the psn if you have ps plus there is a section with just discounts for that and some of them are pretty good(one I remember is darksiders 3 complete edition for 9.99)also some others have alot off like outer wilds is below $16 so that would make it the cheapest I have ever seen and some others 🤷‍♂️ just put them up cuz I was looking Last week. Also some ps5 games are on sale!(someone said they wouldn't be smh haha)but I have them already 🤷‍♂️😊 thanks cross, to me shadow warrior looks and plays like doom…am I wrong or is there more to it?

  8. I should have bought Red Dead Redemption Special edition for $35🙃. I've never played it and now I'm kicking myself seeing back at 99

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