13 thoughts on “🔴 Epic Video games Retailer Vacation Sale 2020

  1. I feel like tomorrow's game could possibility be a game called "disk room" as the gear in the teaser somewhat matches gears in the game, its a bit of a cheaper game, and it is on sale at steam, so maybe they could be sort of countering the deal in a way?

  2. Bro i think I just found out the next free game. It is Lumberjack's dynasty. Should you play it? Mentioned something from Toplitz studios and this is from them. Plus it has the exact same symbol from the clue from epic. It has orange/yellow machinery and green trees. Check it out

  3. Bro i got the 750 rupees coupon but what is the minimum amount of the game in which the coupon will be eligible? It was $14.99 previously. But now idk what the base price is for the coupon to be eligible in rupees.

  4. They should have added cart feature, would have been great to apply the coupon on the total for multiple games at once
    Edit: Horizon Zero Dawn, probably the best to get 367 rs after coupon

  5. Surprised to see Super Meat Boy on 90% discount on Epic, because it really looked like that'd be the next free game. Not only because of the circular saw blade, but on the image there's a dark "reflection" that I thought would represent the Dark World, plus Super Meat Boy Forever comes out on December 23. Surely they wouldn't put it on 90% discount right before giving it away for free?

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